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    Shop 5/14 Mapleton Avenue, Aubin Grove 6164.

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    (08) 9498 7782

Tenant Information

Welcome to Jim's Renting Guide. We would like you and your family to enjoy your rented property. A few tips go a long way towards making your experience with us a great one.
* Remember to pay your rent in good time and certainly before the due date. It may take up to two days sometime for EFT to show up in our trust account. So bear this in mind when making payments. We do not tolerate late rent payment!
* You are entitled to quiet enjoyment of your rented property and so are your neighbors. Please keep noise down and ensure that no early morning or late night activities disrupt neighbors. If you are planning that occasional late party, it is good practice to advise neighbors in advance so they can tolerate the disturbance that may occur. But please don't do such parties too often.
* If you experience any break-in, we will need Police report to accompany your report to us. Otherwise, you might be responsible for damages and cost of repairs to the property.
* Ensure that you keep the property neat and tidy at all times, not only when we are coming for inspection. Making it a habit is better than an exception. Please refer to our cleaning guides.
*We understand that circumstances may change during your tenancy. Please contact us to discuss any changes you may be considering. For example, if anyone over 18 is going to live in the house and they are not in the original lease agreement, we will need an application to be submitted. If you want to have a pet at the premises, you must ask the owner for permission through us. Any change not on your current lease is a breach of your agreement, so please consult our office for guidance on the Residential Tenancy Act requirements before implementing any change.
* Any damage to the property must be reported to our office immediately. Failing to do so may result in you being liable for all or part of the costs of repair. Please fill in a Maintenance Request form on this website, write to us or email Maintenance requests must be received by us in writing.