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Selling Information

Thinking of selling and wondering how you could achieve the best result? We are here to help. The decision to sell your property should not be made lightly. The following steps would assist you in getting the best outcome in a competitive market. 
1. Presentation: Clean up, declutter and ensure that your house is presented in the best way to impress potetial buyers the moment they walk in. Buyers have approximately 90 seconds from the moment they entered to decide whether your home deserves further looking at or not. So, pay attention to everything from the front yard to the back fence.
2. Pricing: Be realistic about your expectation on how much your house is worth. What you get for your house is not always the sum total of what you have put in it. Therefore, avoid over-capitalizing in the hope that you would get back what you spent in preparing your house for sale. Your agent should be able to give you a fairly accurate idea of what you can expect for your property.
3. Promotion: Be prepared to spend some money on marketing and promotion of your property. Exposures in local newspaper(s), on major Real Estate Internet websites and on good office window displays located in high traffic areas, such as shopping centres and major roads, are all important in getting your property sold in good time. What you get is what you pay for. 
4. Agent Selection: To achieve the best outcome, you should select your agent wisely. Bear in mind that the agent who gives you the highest appraisal price may not necessarily get the highest price for your home. The agent is not going to buy your home. Be wary of agents who try to "buy" your listing by overpricing the property. Choose your agent based on what you know about their performance. It is the buyer, not the agent, who ultimately decides what your house is worth. Choose only an agent who is able to give you up-to-date, accurate, and well researched information based on evidence of sales and listings in your area. Choose the agent who is able to promote your property through quality marketing campaign designed to achieve maximum outcome for you. 
5. Commission: Be prepared to negotiate commission with your agent upfront. The agent with the highest commission may not necessarily deliver the best service. Ask the agent what you are getting for your money before deciding who you list with. 
6. Offers: Sometimes, you could be lucky an offer comes in soon after your property goes on the market. This does not meann that the price is too low. So, don't turn down the first offer if it is close enough to your original expectation. The buyer might have been looking for a long time and it just happens that your property matches their needs. Greed is a natural human instinct but remember that the longer your property stays on the market, the less you are likely to achieve for it. Of course, advertising costs also go up with time. 
7.Things not selling: Remember to make a list of items not to be sold along with the house at the time of listing and make your agent aware of such items. If possible, keep such items away from sight so that potential buyers do not have to make it a condition of purchasing the property. 
8. Settlement: Once you have accepted an offer, the sale process is not over until settlement has taken place. Attend to all documentations from the settlement agent in timely fashion to avoid penalty for late settlement. Keep the lawn green and gardens tidy because the buyer expects the property to remain in fairly similar condition at settlement as it was when he put an offer on it. Ensure you have hard-wired smoke alarms and at least 2 RCD's to comply with legislative requirements for transfer of homes.
9. Warranties: Provide the buyer with all valid warranties and assist by showing how things work around the house. Buyers often appreciate helpful sellers. Showing buyers how your equipment function would make the process of settling in less tasking for them.
10. Keys and Remotes: It is compulsory to surrender all keys and remotes to the buyer at settlement. You have until mid-day of the day after settlement to hand over the keys, if the property has been your place of residence before selling. Otherwise, keys should generally be handed over on the day of settlement.