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    Shop 5/14 Mapleton Avenue, Aubin Grove 6164.

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    (08) 9498 7782

Landlord Information

Jim's Realty adopts the best practises in the industry towards property management. We ensure that we look after your valued investment and act in the best interest of our landlords whilst also maintaining duty of care towards our tenants. 
Please click on the link below to read more about our Property Management Profile. There, you would find that we offer the lowest commissions for managing your property and we do not charge most of the standard fees that other agents usually charge.
When you choose Jim's Realty as your property managers, you would immediately be happy that you have come to us. We ensure that the right tenant is selected, collect the rent on time, attend to maintenance and repairs without delay, and save you heaps in management fees. 
To experience what it means to have Jim's Realty manage your property, give us a call today and ask to speak to one of our friendly property managers. You will be pleasantly surprised how much you have saved.