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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for property management? Generally, we charge an all-in-one fee. You do not pay anything else on top of that; not even leasing fee! That way, you also know how much would be coming in from your investment property on monthly basis.


How do you ensure you get the best tenant for my property? When applications are received, we conduct strict tenancy check including national rental database, previous rental history and personal/employer reference check. We recommend the best applicants to the landlords. You, the landlord, make the final decision.


Do you charge extra for property inspections? No, not if you choose our all-in-one package. If you choose the lower negotiable percentage, then we will charge for other incidental costs, including property inspections.


Can I come with you to inspect my property? Yes, you can. Just let us know your desire and we will advise the tenants of that you are coming with us once we have booked inspection date.


How often do I get paid? Usually every month, and generally on the last Thursday of the month. We can accommodate other payment arrangements, if you prefer.


What can I do to ensure that my lawn, gardens and pool are well looked-after by the tenants? We can package the cost of maintenance into the rent at the time of signing up the lease. We will then organize for a gardener or pool company to attend on a regular basis.